Waiver Homes

Over the years, FRC increasingly saw a growing number of consumers who were in need of 24-hour care. For this reason, FRC opened its first waiver home in Carroll in July 2010, with staff members who worked on a round-the-clock rotation to care for the consumers in the new HCBS waiver home.

Since opening the first waiver home in 2010, the need for additional HCBS waiver homes in FRC’s service area became more and more evident. For this reason, over the past 9 years, FRC gradually added new homes and now supports consumers living in Carroll, Greenfield, Harlan, Atlantic, Guthrie Center, Iowa.

FRC’s staff is trained to help each consumer understand that living in a waiver home means that they are required to be considerate of others and respectful of the rules in their homes. In exchange, FRC’s staff also helps them understand that living in a waiver home is not a final chapter where someone “put” them, but rather, a new chapter where they can function to the best of their abilities with trained staff members who are aware of each individual’s circumstances.