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Free Child Care (Parent Time-Out)

We know that you lead a busy life as the parent or primary caregiver of a child. When juggling work, kid’s schedules, dinner, chores, and much, much more becomes too much for you to handle, your precious family and free time can suffer. You don’t have to let these problems fall on the rest of your family’s shoulders.

FRC’s Parent Time-Out Program gives parents and/or caregivers of children an opportunity for respite care, allowing them a break from caring for their children.  This time is just for the parents to take a walk, prepare a meal, go to an appointment, or just to get away for a little while.

FRC’s Parent Time-Out Program has been vital to parents in the following examples:

  • A single mother was taking college classes online and receiving assistance from FRC’s Parent Time-Out Program, allowing her to use the time to focus on her studies, knowing her children are being well cared for at the same time.
  • FRC was also working with a young man whose wife left him.  This young father was not working but was receiving counseling.  He received assistance from FRC’s Parent Time-Out Program, allowing him to attend his counseling sessions free of worry about his children’s care.

What is a Parent Time-Out?

Man with hand on forehead sitting on couch

Parents and caregivers occasionally need a “time-out” from their children to put life and its problems back in perspective. For many families, this can be hard to accomplish due to life circumstances, responsibilities, and limited access or funds for a babysitter. At Family Resource Center, we’d like to help by offering a “parent time-out.” You can bring your child to our center if you just want some time to run errands on your own or take a moment for yourself. If you forgot about a quick local appointment and don’t have anyone to take care of your child in that moment, you can call on us. This service is not to be used in a crisis, as we have a separate program for that. We do have some conditions for parent time-out clients, which are included below:

  • Families eligible for Parent Time-Out must be a resident of Audubon, Carroll, Greene, or Guthrie counties in Iowa.
  • Parent Time-Out provides 4 hours of free childcare each month per child.
  • There are no income eligibility requirements.
  • The only restriction is the Parent Time-Out program can’t be used while you are working or attending school.
  • Examples for use include running errands, attending appointments, going for a walk, or making time for you.

Count on Family Resource Center

Everybody needs a break sometimes. Don’t let your stress, anger, or busy schedule take a toll on your family. Call the Family Resource Center today to schedule your first parent time-out. Our numbers are 712-792-6440 or 800-999-5101.