Family Resource Center Client

Family Resource Center Mission & Philosophy


Our Mission…

To Strengthen families and the community by keeping children and dependent adults safe and nurtured, thereby preventing abuse and neglect.


Every board member, leadership team member, volunteer, employee, and donor at the Family Resource Center holds this mission close to their hearts. We don’t want another person, adult or child, to go through the devastating effects of abuse or neglect. When you choose to volunteer or donate items/money to our organization, you are helping those in your community who are seriously struggling.


You are providing someone who is down on their luck hope for tomorrow. You are giving parents a much-needed break to recharge and focus on their families. You are giving dependent adults and the elderly a chance to experience independence and learn new skills. Family Resource Center is a place where everyone can feel safe and welcome, regardless of social class, economic status, mental capabilities, age, race, and much, much more.


Next time you’re thinking about how you can make a difference in your community, consider Family Resource Center. Give us a call today to learn more about the services we offer, how to donate, or how to volunteer.