Family Resource Center Leadership Team

Our Leaders

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Family Resource Center is lucky to have a dedicated team of individuals to lead our organization in the right direction. Each of the names mentioned below is an integral part of what makes the center continue to run so smoothly and effectively serve the community. Everyone chosen is passionate about helping children and adults who have developmental issues or have fallen on hard times. By helping Family Resource Center, you’re helping a neighbor in need.

Why Do We Need a Leadership Team?

Even though we’re a nonprofit organization, we still need a team to keep it running, which is why we have a financial officer, marketing & development director, quality assurance specialist, human resources, director, waiver services manager, registered nurse, and various other director positions to make sure that every part of our organization is running smoothly. We want to give every individual the best care or help that they deserve. Everyone has struggles and everyone falls on hard times, but our leadership team is here to ensure that those hard times don’t keep you down for life.

Give Us A Call

Contact us today if you would like to get in touch with a member of our leadership team, donate to our cause, volunteer for a specific program, or learn more about the services we offer here at Family Resource Center.


Chief Executive Officer
Jill Hawkinson

Chief Financial Officer
Derrick Thygesen

Human Resources Director
Stacey Peter


Agency Registered Nurse
Jennifer Deist

Day Habilitation Services Director
Shari Kitt

Waiver Services Managers
Holly Namanny and Eleisca Clayton