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Family Resource Center History

Family Resource Center EventHow It All Started

Family Resource Center has a long and rich history that started right here in the Carroll community. Nearly 40 years ago, Carroll County Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse (CCCPCA) was organized by parents who recognized an unmet need…assistance for families to improve the safety of children in Carroll County. As the agency continually added new programs, CCCPCA later changed its name to Family Resource Center, a human services, non-profit corporation.

Family Resource Center Today

Under the umbrella of Family Resource Center’s Waiver Program, FRC’s services include SCL (Supported Community Living), Respite, CDAC (Consumer-Directed Attendant Care), HAB (Home-Based Habilitation), and IMMT (Interim Medical Monitoring and Treatment). Additional services offered through FRC include Crisis Child Care, Parent Time-Out, and Child Care Projects.

Our Goal

FRC strengthens families by helping them become more self-sufficient; improving the quality of early childhood care; supporting children and adults with special needs in their homes; and keeping families and children “safe and nurtured,” as stated in FRC’s Mission Statement.

Our Growth

Nearly 40 years after this agency began as Carroll County Council for the Prevention of Child Abuse, Family Resource Center’s broad range of services are now offered in 19 counties within Iowa. Because of the continued support and donations from the community, Family Resource Center is able to provide a beacon of hope for a brighter future to the countless individuals and families it serves.

Contact Family Resource Center

If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, don’t hesitate to call. If you just want to help, we are always looking for volunteers and accepting donations. Contact us today!