Get Reliable Family Crisis Resources in Orient, IA

What is the Family Resource Center?

We are a nonprofit team of volunteers and staff focused on the goal of bringing families and communities together by keeping children and dependent adults safe, nurtured, and cared for in a non-abusive environment. Our mission began nearly 40 years ago to protect the most innocent individuals in every community. We continue to grow in support and volunteers each year, getting closer to our goal of stamping out child abuse in Iowa.

What Services Do You Provide to Orient?

Because of our location in Carroll, we aren’t able to provide all services and programs to every county. However, we have several programs available to you, and if you want to know about programs offered closer to your town, we can help with that as well or point you towards the right resources. We offer the following to Orient residents:

Waiver Programs

These programs are designed to help those who are physically or mentally disabled, as well as to assist the elderly. With these programs you can:

  • Get help with developing daily living skills while in the comfort of your home
  • Give guardians or parents a temporary break from care duties
  • Help clients with tasks they can’t finish themselves
  • Help the client learn new skills or practice other skills that will help them live independently
  • Provide the client with medical assistance when needed

No matter your age or ability level, there’s likely a perfect program for you within the Family Resource Center

Why Choose The Family Resource Center?

Orient may be a tiny town in rural Iowa, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people with special needs that might require a little more help or encouragement. We want to provide that service to all the tiny towns in our area so that nobody has to experience abuse or neglect at any age. We want you to know there are care options for children, dependent adults, and senior citizens that don’t require you to give up your regular job and become stressed or overworked. You can count on the Family Resource Center to help. If you’re not looking for our help but would rather gift your time or money, you are more than welcome to do that too. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you or to learn more about all our programs!